Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Loving Peachy Cupcakes!

Hello all!! I feel like I have left this blog too lonely too long!!! I made some cupcakes back in Valentine's and the best part of them is that they got Peachified!!!

Take a look!

Hope you like them!!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Haven't baked lately!

Hello all!!! I have not been able to bake lately, mostly because I don't have all the family around to bake for!!! Since my move I have had two bdays! :( and if and when I do bake.... I end up throwing half away because, well... we can't eat cake all day...everyday!!! hehehe

But, I did do a really simple BIG cupcake for my son's b-day and I had not had a chance to post it!

I'll be back with the new year!!! Thanks for taking a peek!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Football Party Cake and the Winner!!!

Hello friends!! I am just so happy with all the beautiful comments that I got from you guys for the Monster Mash Hop!!! Thanks a million!!! I wish I had an apron to give to all! But, I only have one! Hopefully you became a follower because you liked what you saw also!

It is very hard to keep up with a cake blog, specially since my move up north I don't have my family to bake for anymore!!! Would you kill me if I told you that a few of those cupcakes just had to go in the trash!!! Too many sweets for us!!! We had had this cake that I am about to show you the day before!!! It was for my son's end of Football season party.

So? What do you think?? 

Please don't forget to leave a comment if you like what you see! Remember that your comments are what inspires me to keep creating!!

Oh! The winner of the Cricut Cake Apron is:


She said...

Adorable, I love the cupcakes. Have you ever tried the cake machine on homemade fondant? It might be cheaper for you! (and so easy to make) I just found your blog through the hop, but I can't wait to scroll back and see what else you've created.

You have until Thursday night to email me at scrapbookaholicbyabby@yahoo.com

Friday, October 15, 2010

Monster Mash Hop!!! Last Stop.... Dessert anyone???

Well? Did you have fun blog hoping?? I hope you did!! If you came from http://thecreativestamperspot.blogspot.com/
 then you are on the right track!! If not make sure you go back to CrazyaboutCricut!

I have for you a monster cake!!! I used Mini-Monsters Cart!!! The purple ghost on cupcakes are also from Mini-Monsters

I used my Cricut Cake and after much wasted fondant (and it's not cheap!) I have found my tricks! If there is one trick I have to share with you is this:

When you roll your fondant and place it on the sheet... PUT IT IN THE FREEZER! Not just 10 minutes, leave there while you prepare something else! The cuts come out perfect!!! Really!! Trust me on this one!

I use Wiltons Fondant in white and play with the colors myself.

If you have any questions about my cakes please feel free to email me a scrapbookaholicbyabby@yahoo.com

Hope you like what you see!! I have some sweet candy!! and here is my dessert for you!

Well.... did you like?? I wish we had a tasting app!!! 
So, what is my sweet candy??
How about a Brown and Pink Cricut Cake Apron????
All you have to do is make sure you are a follower and leave a comment on this post!!
You have to come back to check if you are the winner!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Old West Cupcakes for hubby!!! and a giveaway

Hello! Don't think I have just left this blog to die! The reason why I am not baking that often anymore is because I have all my family and friends at least 8 hours away from me!!!

So, bdays are just a few! Today is my hubby's bday!! I wanted to make something really simple to take to his work.

I used the Old West cart and cut out the boots and hats! The fondant used was the Chocolate Fondant from Duff. You can get this at Michaels. i really love the way it cuts!!! Just make sure you put the rolled fondant on your sheets into the freezer for at least 15 minutes! It will cut perfect!!!

Have to admit... not my best work... but still I wanted to share!!

I want to pump it up here in my blog! So..... how about a GIVEAWAY?!?!?!

As soon as I reach 150 followers I will GIVEAWAY a Cricut Apron!!!! Not the white plain one!

The actual PINK AND BROWN!!!

I know that's reaching a bit too far! but if you help me post about this giveaway we can get there soon!!!

What do you have to do?

1. Make sure you are a follower
2. Tell me why you would like this apron
3. Facebook about this giveaway
4. Post on your blog about the giveaway

Make sure you post right here for each thing you do, and leave a link for the facebook and the posting on your blog!

THAT's 4 chances!!!

Let's get there fast!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm baaacccckkkkk!!!!! Back to School Cake!!!!!!

Hello!!! I'm back!!! It took me a long time to settle in my new home!

If you haven't been following my Scrapbookaholic blog, I moved up north to Plumas Lake.

This is a completely new life for us. Plumas Lake is a very small town. I was used to having EVERYTHING so close to me.... and now, well, Walgreens is our only store!!

Anyways, it's been very nerve wrecking for my kids to come to a new community, leave all their childhood friends and come to new schools!!

They had a tough last week and because I want them to feel special, I baked them this cake!

This is my very first shape cake! It is SUPER hard when you do it with cake mix!! I do not recommend doing this. It will be best to look for a recipe made specially for cakes you need to shape. Also, if you are used to the greasing and powdering... well, you have to try Parchment paper, just on the bottom. Don't grease the sides!

I used the Hello Kitty Greetings Cricut Cartridge for the image and fondant is all Wilton.

Don't forget to keep checking back for more cakes!

Next one will be a Halloween cake! and I will have a Cricut Cake Apron to giveaway!!!! The pink and brown one!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Scrapping Sweets on vacation with no Cricut Cake!!!

Hello my dear followers!!! I have not baked in over two weeks and believe me Im dying!!!!!!

I will be close to my Cricut Cake until the last week in August!!! :(

I will make sure my comeback is something very special!!!

Don't Forget me!!!

Follow me over at Scrapbookaholic!!!!!